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Customized Meal Planning
The foods that you eat on a daily basis help to determine the status of your health at any given time.  It is often difficult to decide what to eat and when to eat it - especially with a very busy lifestyle!  Andrea will assess your diet and create a customized plan to help reach your goals.  Her approach is to educate clients on nutrition, implement stress management techniques and to work with you to set attainable goals to help maintain motivation.  This is a whole life style approach which places equal emphasis on diet, eating habits, stress levels and lifestyle needs.  
Nutritional Workshops
Andrea loves to work with groups of individuals in order to help them learn about health and their well being.  She facilitates detoxification programs, nutrition education workshops and loves doing health talks!  Do you have a group of employees, students, elderly, or children that need a boost in their knowledge of nutrition?  Call Andrea to set up a workshop or health talk today!!!

Bioenergetics (BIE)
Andrea is now a Registered Bioenergetics Practitioner!  She is very passionate about this service which helps your body to heal itself by establishing balance in your body on a cellular level!  Stay tuned!!  More information to come!! 
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